Monday, October 21, 2013

Dhani Yusuff, The birth story (drama)

I should have jotted down the story of my 2nd son's birth before it's faded from my memory. Well, saya kan ada short term memory loss. Afterall, this time I have a quite interesting and dramatic one, I tell you.

It's all started on Thursday morning, after I sent hubby to LRT station and having breakfast with Aidan at McD. Who knows, the mild contractions begin since then. Memandangkan ini ialah kali kedua, the early labour stage itu boleh diduga tapi masih merunsingkan dan mendebarkan ya. I think, if it is kali ke 10 juga saya akan masih berdebar dan runsing. haha.

That night around 2.30am, the contractions became strongger but at 5am, I still manage to sleep. I told hubby that the contractions is quite strong but hubby told me to hold it until he comes back from work. Ya sangat kebetulan, hubby just started working at a new company since Wednesday. Jadinya, that Friday was his third working day. That's why he cannot take cuti etc.

When I woke up at 7am that Friday, the contractions became strongger. 5mins apart. I feel worried that I have to beranak in KL. I keep on pujuk the baby to wait until tomorrow coz we have so much things to do.

1) We just got notice to get the key for our new house.
2) I need to go get the lamp that we bought earlier that Friday.

So saya berlagak macam tak berapa nak sakit. Had a long shower, bawak Aidan breakfast, and planned to go for check up. So I did. But unfortunately, my gynae who is also a YB dekat Ijok was not available that day. Dah laa sakit2 drive sendiri pergi TTDI, doctor plak tak ada. Memang menyakitkan hati. Then, I went to the nearest hospital from my house with Aidan tagging along.

Fortunately, the doctor at the hospital was so baik hati dan handsome. He asked me to go back to JB quickly coz I was almost there. The contraction was strong enough. But since the baby is songsang so jalan a bit slow untuk bukak. And he did give husband a half day time off to bring me back home.

So yeah. Husband got the halfday. We settled everything on the day. Pergi amik lampu that we ordered dan kunci rumah before we headed home that day. Arrived at JB around 9pm and all I wanna do was having dinner at Johnny's. Tapi sebab dah sakit, makan pun sikit saja. Sigh.

Again, at 2.30am, terjaga because of strong contractions. Sumpah sakit gile. I cried, walking here and there, had a warm shower to ease the pain. Then only at 7am, we went to the hospital. To my surprise, jalan was open at just 2cm with that super strong contractions. Sigh. Even the midwife told me if the baby position is normal, I must be at the labour stage. So yeah. Tak ada rezeki. Gynae came at 10.30am, did the scan thingy, and asked to prepare for c-sect.

Went to a 2nd c-sect was much more nervous. And since the baby is breech, it's a bit hard to take him out. But Alhamdulillah, he was out at 11.05am on Saturday with a loud cry. That was such a big relief.

Having a 2nd c-sect is not that easy. The pain is double of course. Bila bius hilang dah rasa macam disiat2 kulit. Sakit gila. But, with the experience that I had before, I can walk without support on the 2nd day itself. Alhamdulillah.

So here another love of our life.
Dhani Yusuff. Semoga kamu secantik dan sesoleh nabi Yusuf A.S.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Lil Boy

This baby boy of mine is no longer a baby (tho I still feel he's a baby). Sigh. Yeah, time runs faster than I thought. He's going to be three next month but now I'm busy preparing his birthday party stuffs. It will be just a small makan-makan and iftar with my family next week since his Atok is home for two weeks. Ok, that will be another story.

Since early of the year, I sent this lil boy to a Playschool called Alim Kids. It's just a weekend playschool. I dont expect that he will learnt ABC, numbers, etc during the school but my objective is just to let him be more confidence with himself and know how to socialise with other kids. After 7 months of joining this playschool, I would say, he achieved my objectives.

I still remember, the first few weeks early this year. Everytime he saw some stranger kids, he would always do tiger/lion voices with faces. He was not even friendly to others. He had no self confidence to talk with strangers apatah lagi nak bersosial. Well, I understand why he was like that as he has no friend than the one at babysitter's house which is a 4 year old boy.

But then, these few months, I can see he is changing a lot. He is no more scared and has lots of self confidence. He even act like a ketua darjah at school. Haha. Very busy body I tell you and I'm quite sure some kids will feel annoyed at him. Wahahaha. Wateva. But yeah he has that confidence to be like a ketua darjah. I am proud of him. He even now is so friendly with stranger kids. He will share his toys and asks to play together. So no more tiger/lion voice and face. That makes me a really happy mom.

It has been 3 days since he is away from me to be with Atok and gradma at JB. Yeah, this is our first time to be apart for so long. He is doing all fine and happy. But the thing is I miss him so damn much that could make me cry everyday. Hahaha. An emotional Mama. Could be the pregnancy hormone too. Wateva. I want my baby!! Cant wait to see my baby this friday till I beg hubby to rush to JB after office hour this Friday. Haha.

Anyway, Salam Ramadhan to everyone. Hope this year could be a better one for you and me. :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Possibilities

I am still disturbed these few days on my condition right after I went to meet my Gynae at JB.

The story begins when he told me that I might have possibilities of having another c-sect if the baby's head isnt engaged this time. He doesnt mind me to have a normal birth as long as the baby's head fits my pelvis. Well, since I already have a positive mind to have a normal birth as simple and natural as it can be, sedikit sebanyak, this issue is really disturbing me.

So, I went to the VBAC group in the FB and started to ask few experts and mommies on my condition. Most of them believed that it is nonsense that the baby's head cannot fit a mommy's pelvis and so on. But on the other hand, being me who likes to make things complicated, I'm already worried on so much possibilities. What if the baby halfway stuck there, what if my pelvis that God created special for me is really small, what if the baby's shoulder is broken though I successfully VBAC, the what if continues...

Husband and Mom dont really like the idea of not agreeing what's the gynae has said. And a statement which one of the mommy's that I have read where there are cases where the baby is big and the mother's pelvic is small, both could die, really disturbing. So here I am, stucked in the middle to believe or not to believe. How I really wish that I could have a natural birth so that I can have skin on skin with the baby and a bonding session with husband and baby right after that.

Or maybe I can ask a gynae friend, my another gynae in KL (you know right I have two), and some other experts opinions. And as of now, what should I do the most is leave it to Allah to decide for me. C-sect or normal or natural birth is just the options that I could have.

Kita hanya merancang, tapi Allah yang menentukan.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lain budak, Lain perangainya.

It's true when people said "Lain budak, lain perangainya, lain alahannya". And I experience it right now. I would say, this time I really have a bad sickness. Even until now at 16weeks, I still have the headache, nauseas, and no appetite. I'm not complaining but I wish I'm a bit stronger by this time.

Older and weaker. Maybe that's the main reason. Seriously I'm a bit weaker this time. I took Shakelee supplements, hoping that I can be a bit stronger. Tapi indah khabar di FB dari hasil. I'm still weak. Now, I have to call a weekly maid to clean up the house and sent out some clothes for ironing. Looks lazy but I dont have the kudrat to do so like before.

I still remember how happy I was when having Aidan on 2nd trimester. I was a happy mommy when I saw food. Haha. Yeah. Itu dulu. Not now. Sekarang kalau dapat layan Aidan do colourings or artworks etc pun dah memadai. Even nak shopping pun malas. We dont go out to the mall for ages I tell you. Malas and no mood at all.

And now, I have this syndrome to wake up in the middle of the night for an hour at least. I just cant sleep. Huh. Maybe baby suruh bangun sembahyang tahajjud kot. Itu pun tak paham-paham. Hahaha.

Whatever it is, I wish the baby inside grows healthily despite of mommy's condition. It's good to feel the tiny kickings and punchings again :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Sweet Lil Boy

My lil boy has been so sweet lately. Yes that 31 months old baby boy.

The other day, I was crying coz I had this super terrible headache. Well, biasalah with the pregnancy hormones and all, I was so sensitive as I feel so useless and hopeless. Thus, the cry. Then, when this lil boy came to the room and saw me crying, he was so concern. He kept on asking me "Mama sakit?". When, I said, "Yes, Mama sakit". He quickly wiped my tears and said "Dont cry. Dont cry. Kiss" while kissing and hugging me.

I was like crying like a baby right after he did that. Hahahaha. I never thought that my baby is this sweet. Well, kalau dulu suami manjakan. Sekarang, anak pulak manjakan. Ahh. I feel so blessed.

Thank you Allah for giving me the sweetest baby ever! :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Of New Baby

I always heard people say "Biasanya pregnant kedua, kurang dah sickness." Yes, I am blessed that I am pregnant again (Alhamdulillah) but I'm not one of those lucky people. I thought that I wont have bad sickness this time, but I was wrong. I think it even worst than before.

The sickness doesnt started as early as 3 weeks like previously. It was all started when the baby turns 6 weeks. Starts from the vivid dream, then I dont get enough rest at all, then comes to the peak at 7 weeks when I have very terrible headache. I cant do anything when the headache hits me except for sleep. Like seriously. The idea of forcing myself and fighting the sickness are all wrong concepts. It makes me in even worst condition which leads to muntah2 and then of course I will be even weaker. So from the day I have this terrible headache, I just let myself to sleep and sleep and rest. And even yesterday, when I was on medical leave, I just slept half of the day from 11am till 4pm. Then, at night, I continued to sleep as early as 9.30pm till morning. That's how bad my sickness this time.

Well, at time like this, I cant lie that I dont feel guilty at all. I even feel useless and pathetic. I just ignore my son to watch tv alone or just ignore how my house looks like. Dah tahap tongkang pecah I tell you. I dont have the energy to lipat baju apa lagi nak mop lantai and all. But still, I couldnt feel more greatful when Aidan becomes the most darling baby ever.

Everytime when he sees me lying on the bed, he will ask me "Mama sakit?" Right after I replied "Yes, dear." He will run out from the room and watch the TV or play with his blocks and superheroes. Sangat sedih kan? Even nak teman tengok TV pon tak larat. TV noise makes me even more dizzy. So again, I can just lie down on the bed. Fullstop. Well, tipulah if he didnt act diluar batasan. There was one day, when he tried to feed the fish in the aquarium with his oat. You can imagine how bersepah it was from dapur to living room. Hehe. Pity him. He got scolded by his Abah when Abah came back home but I felt so guilty. I didnt attend to him and he was just bored. Sigh.

With this condition, I am more grateful with the bosses and colleagues of mine. I dont come to office very often nowadays. I just log on from home. And this month, they even helped to back up some of my workloads. Such a darling person they are. Though I'm not that lucky having the sickness, but I am lucky to have supportive colleagues as well.

I hope all this will be ended soon. I cant bear to feel guilty not cooking good food at home, not cleaning the house, not entertain the husband and son, and not doing the office works. May Allah grant me a good health and a smooth sailing pregnancy. Amin.

Tiny feet, Tiny Heart, Tiny lil Baby. Semoga Allah pelihara saya. :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Of my 28th Birthday

It's been almost a month since my 28th birthday this year, and now only I would like to write about it. Yeah nothing great about my 28th birthday especially when I was overwhelming with the craziest year end close. Literally, I was spending my birthday in the office. Hubby was wishing me at 12am while I was still doing my work on the bed. You can imagine how busy and stressful I was, sampai I did cry during the day. I can't help to be teary everytime my colleagues and friends wish me. Serius sedih. Haha.

But afterall, my birthday was not that bad. Hubby did a lil surprise by preparing some good food at home and a slice of cake. And nothing can beat the happiness when my boy sang a birthday song to me though he was actually excited with the cake and candle. Haha. Yeah. That was my 28th birthday celebration all about.
Surprise! Suprise! Lepas tu hazab nak kena kemas dapur. Haha *Joking*

Last weekend, we went to Avillion PD for a night stay and I declared it as my birthday treat. Haha. Yeah, after all the craziness, I wanted a relaxing weekend. So we did. I never thought that PD have a good place to relax. Well still, I dont like the beach though. But this hotel gave what I've paid for. Worth every penny that we spent.

The water chalet is spacious as compared to Golden Palm Tree Resort in Sepang. Very much spacious as it can accomodate 4 adults. Since that day the water chalet with king size bed is fully booked so we opted for twin bed chalet. Ended up we just used the pangkin daybed or the sex bed as hubby called it *lol*, and 1 single bed only. Yang satu lagi tak berusik. Hehe. As you can see, the toilet is spacious too. It has shower area, a bath tub and a toilet.

Relaxing like a boss. Jangan cepat besar sangat plis Aidan :(

Breathtaking view :)
They have 3 swimming pools in total. 1 for children with water slide, 1 for children and adult, and another one strictly for adult only. But yang sedih, I tak boleh swimming ok. Sebabnya have to wear muslimah swimming suit and I dont have one yet. Cisss! Anyway, what makes this hotel more interesting is the activities that they offer especially for children. Ada petting zoo (ayam, arnab, peacock) which dibenarkan masuk on Sunday at 10am untuk feed the animals, ada monkey plucking kelapa muda, cooking class (decorate pizza topping), etc. I yang mak budak pun excited apa lagi lah budak-budak. Hehe.

Monkey plucking coconut activity

However, things that I dont really favor is the pillow, bed and the robe. The pillow is too soft and the bed is a bit hard especially the single bed. It was a bit dissappointed when they dont provide robes for the guests. But yeah. Itu sume hanya perkara kecil saja. Oh, they have yummy croissant and pastries too! :p In a nutshell, we will sure come again for any short getaway. Hehe. Thank you wawa for giving the review. We just love it! :)

From upper left: The petting zoo area, playground, and lobby

That's the wrap of my birthday this year. One wish have been granted and I still waiting for another one to be granted. Semoga tuhan makbulkan doa saya. :)

Untuk semua ini, terima kasih buat suami dan anak atas semua kasih sayang. Dan terima kasih tuhan untuk segala nikmat yang diberi. Alhamdulillah. I'm blessed.


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